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Good evening families and welcome to our Thursday in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning we welcomed Alanis, Abel, Quinn, Willow, Millie and Scarlett just the 6 friends today joined by their teachers Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊
Scarlett, Millie, Abel and Alanis participated in recycled craft today to add to our keeping Australia beautiful display!! Quinn and Alanis explored the push along trolley cart as well as the other push along trolleys. Willow, Quinn and Alanis enjoyed playing with the magnet connectors using their problem solving as well as fine motor skills. Abel came dressed as Peter Pan for book week this week and Alanis came dressed as Alice In Wonderland! Scarlett is doing so great at her sitting as well as tummy time! She loved playing with the musical doll! Lots of reading time and many songs were sung throughout the day!!
We have had a wonderful day today and hope you all have too 😊
Thankyou Babies 1 see you all soon and for those who aren’t here tomorrow see you all next week!
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx