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HAPPY HALLOWEEN one and all! We hope to see you at our party tonight from 5pm until 7.30pm at the bottom building! Welcome to just four friends including – Bentley the Bat, Millie, Isabella and Miller alongside Miss Kate. 😊 Miss Jess was busy helping to prepare for tonight’s spooky event which we are all looking forward too! The children participated in an intentional teaching activity to decorate biscuits this morning ready for tonight! Millie can always be found in our home area cooking up a storm with the play oven with the pots and pans! The dolls always get good use too throughout the day as we explore them and become confident and involved learners! 😊
Miss Kate encouraged both Miller and Isabella to watch and learn action songs to spontaneous songs such as our favourites, including – ‘Twinkle, little star!’ We are all loving checking out our new train set on our new mat too whereby Bentley, Isabella and Millie especially took a liking to the cute little animals too. 😊
As Vygotsky stated language is important for the child’s learning and communication, by demonstrating and embedding the ABECEDARIAN techniques will compliment this. Isabella responded well to conversational reading one – to – one with Miss Kate this morning. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful Halloween Day and Night Babies 1 – Miss Kate the Red Devil and Miss Jess the Good Witch! xx