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We have had an amazing day in our Babies room today!!! We had so much fun in the morning playing with the big wooden blocks inside, building big towers and then knocking them down. Presley enjoyed watching Miss Otavia build the tower up really high before knocking it down. Miss Otavia put the block on top of her head and Presley’s and showed her in the mirror. Presley made and O shape with her mouth while looking at herself. Dorijan found our balls in the basket that are filled with water and have animals inside. He was looking at the ball and then smiling before throwing it and chasing after it.

After Morning Tea we went outside to enjoy some water play. Presley was laughing and smiling while playing in the water. She would laugh when Miss T’arn splashed her with the water. Dorijan also enjoyed splashing and would splash the water and it would hit him in the face, he would make a gasp sound in surprise when it hit his face then would look at Miss T’arn and laugh. He was so excited when Miss Otavia brought Bentley to the water. Miss Otavia stuck Bentley’s feet into the water and he had a huge smile. Dorijan went over and sat in front of Bentley smiling and splashing his feet, this made Bentley laugh. It was a very sweet interaction between the 2 of them. Oskar enjoyed sitting in the water and playing with the Lego block that was in there.

We enjoyed some quiet play inside exploring our classroom and toys after it was too hot to be outside. Bentley enjoyed some tummy time!!

Our Family Tree is starting to come along now!! Don’t forget to bring in a Family Photo!!

Thank you all for a great day!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥

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