Thursday 4th June 2020.

A big warm welcome to this chilly Thursday here in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. We made the most of our wonderful room by allowing the children freedom of choice to select the toys they wanted to explore and today Edward, Olive, Peyton, Parker and Miller enjoyed –
• Sensory bottles.
• Rattles in the basket.
• Puzzles.
• Balls.
• Books for conversational reading.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about conversational reading and the benefits……following the simple SEE – SHOW – SAY technique when looking at books with your child it will increase their language development. Miller and Edward both participated in this with Miss Kate today. It is also a great tool for the start of back and forth interactions for conversations as they get older.  It is a part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH – an evidence proven language strategy. Vygotsky believed social interaction plays a major role in the communication development of children.   He emphasised the role of language in the development of the child’s thinking processes.

Miss Kate provided us with some coloured chalks today at our new easel to practice their fine motor skills at holding the chunky chalks and making marks on the blackboard, which develops their creativity and imaginations. Miller loved this with Miss Lilly this morning.

All of the children responded well to spontaneous singing throughout the day today especially Peyton, Parker and Olive.  We are getting great at copying simple actions to some of favourites including –
• Open, shut them.
• If you’re happy and you know it.
• Twinkle little star.
• Old Mac Donald had a farm.
• Acknowledgment of Country.

By singing a variety of songs on a regular basis the children extend their vocabulary skills and learn the best through repetition of favourite songs.

Thanks for a great day and taking the time to read all about it!

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. ♥  ♥