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Good Evening to all our wonderful friends and families from the Babies 1 Room. An extra special warm welcome to our new friend Peyton and family, and we are looking forward to getting to know you! 😊 We had 9 friends today so popped Miller up for a play in Babies 2, and our other friends included – Bella, Bentley, Scarlett, Willow, Edward, Millie and Jessie. The 3a ABECEDARIAN APPROACH is a language enriched program which we implement every day which all the babies respond well too, using ‘conversational reading’ and ‘enriched caregiving’ moments at transitions and routines. 😊 Please ask us if you have any questions or ideas on how you can do this at home as we will be happy to help you. Bentley absolutely loves the balls to explore alongside Bella. Our home area learning environment is always a popular area to explore the play kitchen, pots, pans and the dolls are well loved too. 😊 Jesse, Willow, Edward, Millie were observed in this part of the room today. Our new little girlfriend Peyton happily explored her new surroundings with confidence and especially enjoyed watching and grasping the soft teddies from the baby gym. 😊 Finally, our Christmas craft creative activities are coming along nicely! A friendly reminder about our CHRISTMAS PARTY next THURSDAY 12th DECEMBER. Please see the signs on the door or ask us for more information. 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Tania in Miss Jess’ absence today. XXX