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Hello and welcome family and friends of the Babies Room 1 😊
What a spectacular Wednesday it has been this lovely day! This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcome in 6 sunshine’s! Willow, Millie, Edward, Miller, Scarlett and Bentley 😊
What we did today;
– Our friends participated in Christmas craft! Such as making baubles and calendars! All friends LOVE exploring with their creativity when it comes to craft time 😊
– Millie and Willow enjoyed conversational reading this morning with Miss Kate! Both Millie and Willow engage so well and even turn over the pages when needing so.
– Edward and Miller had so much fun playing with one another throughout the day and forming a wonderful friendship! Edward and Miller had so much fun playing with different toys throughout the day from rattles to pots and pans and so much more 😊
– Scarlett thought the new sensory touch books were amazing as she was really interested in the different textures on each page! 😊
– Bentley, Millie and Willow had lots of fun in the home corner today! They all liked playing in the cafΓ© area and playing with the dolls 😊
A big thank you to all our friends for such a wonderful day! 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess XX