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Happy Thursday to all and welcome to our Thursday in the Babies room 1 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess had a small group of just 5 little munchkins today, the fun in our babies’ room never stops 😊
This morning our friends Bentley, Alanis, Quinn and Millie enjoyed a fresh morning play outside in the nice fresh air with Miss
β€’ Bentley enjoyed playing with the rattle outside as well as crawling around and exploring the grounds. Bentley is getting more confident with wanting to pull himself up on things with all his might.
β€’ Alanis and Millie had fun on the car mat playing with the cars, Quinn enjoyed the bridge as well as playing with the rattle. 😊
After we came inside our friends found the yellow cones interesting, Quinn thought it would be a great hat, Alanis thought it was hilarious, so she too had a try of the hat and so did Miss Jess. The cones sparked an idea for Miss Jess and we then sang a colour song and read the new colour book to enhance more on this activity.
Miss Kate and Miss Jess sang lots of nursery rhymes throughout the morning, read books and played a game called β€œWhat’s that sound?” where Miss Jess would say an animal and then make the sound, all our friends enjoyed that and some even giggled 😊
Our friends Millie, Scarlett and Bentley explored the musical instruments, they made lots of fun noise for their friends and teachers, many smiles were shared 😊
Scarlett has done well today with how confident she is getting with sitting up as she has been practicing with the assistance of her teachers.
Alanis was happily playing with the pull- back car as well as showing lots of interest in the yellow football! Watch out mum and dad may have a little footy player soon πŸ˜‰
Quinn has throughout the day shown how caring she is to the little ones and her favorite baby doll she likes to take around the room with her 😊
For the afternoon we spent some time outside then came inside before it got too cold for our little ones 😊
We hope you all had a wonderful day,
Thankyou Babies 1 for today its been a treat 😊 see you all soon
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx