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Thursday 18th June 2020 – Babies 1.

It’s Thursday already here in the Babies 1 Room and we welcome you all to hear all about our day’s adventures! An extra special welcome to our new friend, ‘DARIS’ today who fitted in a treat to our class with big smiles for us already! 😊
This morning the children had a big warm hello cuddle from Miss Kate and Miss Lilly to start their days so they all feel safe, secure and protected which under LEARNING OUTCOME 1 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK – ‘Children have a strong sense of identity.’ It is our goal to ensure all children are working towards the 5 LEARNING OUTCOMES in alignment with the DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES as set by the NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS.

Please let us know if you would like anymore information with regarding to our framework, or you might find the below link helpful too – 😊

Today the children were respected in their choices and sense of agency to self-select toys of interest. Some of the toys that took their attention included – 😊
• Animal Puzzles and coasters – Edward and Miller.
• Sensory bottles – Scarlett and Olive.
• Home corner with the play oven, food, pots and pans is great learning for our imaginative play – Peyton.
• Basket of assorted rattles to practice our hand-eye coordination skills – Parker.
• Book for one-to-one conversational reading moments with our educators as a great extension of our language development.
• Coloured crayon drawings for our creativity skills and being confident and involved learners.
• New friends, Daris and Olivia practised learning to wash their hands today!

Miss Lilly took some of the children outside on a rotational basis whilst our other friends slept which they all particular love being outside. We explored the sandpit with trucks, big soft blocks, dolls and books, rocking dinosaurs and some musical instruments. 😊

Thanks for a wonderful day Babies 1 and for reading all about it!

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly! XX