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 Rainy day Thursday ♥

Welcome to another great day here in babies 1 room, with Miss Lilly and Miss Jess. This morning we begun with indoor free play time, giving the children the opportunity to do as they please within the room. All friends enjoyed self – selecting toys of their interest throughout the morning.

Parker, Daris and Miller sat together on the mat and played with the castle blocks which was a great way to stimulate their little minds. Building blocks is a fun way to enhance on the children’s fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills. Meanwhile Olive and Edward had a nice time with Miss Jess in the reading area flipping through the pages of the books, learning colours, alphabet and animal sounds which they found to be very funny! This links to their extension of language. In the home corner our friends Olivia and Peyton were having so much fun exploring, banging away with the pots and pans and searching the basket with all different food!!

Miss Lily took some of our friends outside in Babies 2 yard to explore the outdoor environment undercover with their other friends. It was so nice for our friends to enjoy some fresh air and to build friendships with their other friends. Miller and Edward had a lot of fun on the crocodile seesaw as our other friends roamed freely around Babies 2 yard exploring different activities and toys.

Today our beautiful Scarlett enjoyed a full day in Babies room 3 with Miss Jena and Miss Tahlia and what a FUN FILLED day she had with all her older friends and teachers!!! ♥

This afternoon our friends explored in door and outdoor play in the Babies 2 yard. Despite the rainy weather we have all had a lovely cozy day and we hope you all did too!! ‘

Thankyou Babies 1 for today and we will see you all very soon♥

Miss Jess and Miss Lilly ♥