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Welcome to Terrific Tuesday in the Babies 1 Room alongside Miss Kate and Miss Jess, with a full house of 8 friends today! 😊 Isabella, Bentley, Abs, Orion, Miller, Oliver, Jesse and Millie attended today and all of us had such a wonderful day! Our fun included the following –
• 3a CONVERSATIONAL READING as part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH was embedded on a one-to-one basis today with Jesse, Abs and Bella all responding well to this language-based experience teacher- led by Miss Kate. 😊
• HOME AREA was enjoyed by Bentley, Oliver, Millie and Orion all being confident, curious and involved learners with the pots, pans, play kitchen and dolls for imaginative play. 😊
• DRUMS/RATTLES were contently explored by Miller and Oliver as they extend their concentration spans and a love of learning by being in a supportive and positive environment. 😊
• SPONTANEOUS CHRISTMAS MUSIC – all children are responding well to this and getting in the festive spirit. One day to closer to our CHRISTMAS PARTY – please see the signs around the centre for more details or ask your child’s educators. 😊
If you missed out on PARENT – TEACHER INTERVIEWS, please remember you are more than welcome to view your child’s learning portfolio at any time and read their end of year reports/transition statements. We value your feedback! 😊
A BIG thank you to Abel’s Mummy and Millie’s Mummy for continuing to donate so much recycled and art and craft supplies to us! They go to such good use here in the Babies 1 Room. 😊
See you all soon, Miss Kate and Miss Jess. XX