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Hello and welcome to babies 1 and on this sunny Tuesday! We began our day outside with Miss Jess in the nice sunshine! Quinn, Bentley and Orion explored the cars and wheeled toys on the mat. When Miss Kate arrived we headed inside for some morning tea of fruit salad and yoghurt. Alanis our little soccer star explored the balls! It was soon time for our wonderful yoga class with Miss Gabi which we all look forward too. Some of the children including Luca, Quinn and Alanis practised some yoga moves. Alanis, Luca, Quinn and Millie absolutely love the bubbles at yoga time! Orion has lots of smiles in the home corner area with the pots and pans! We have been practising actions to familiar songs, such as “Twinkle little star” and “Open shut them” – Alanis, Quinn and Luca respond especially well to this at the moment! It is wonderful to observe the babies interacting with each other and that they have built strong relationships with their regular educators!
Thank you for a wonderful day ! Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊😊