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Hello and welcome family and friends to our fun filled Tuesday in the Babies Room 1 😊
To start our day off Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed in 8 superstars to the room! Bentley, Orion, Oliver, Miller, Isabella, Millie, Jesse and Abel 😊
What we did today-
• The trainset and animals were a hit with Bentley, Abel and Orion this morning as they had so much fun exploring and playing with one another.
• Bubble play was enjoyed by all friends throughout the day! Miller and Oliver like watching them float on by before the POP while our other friends try to catch them with their hands or pop them with their finger!
• Conversational reading with all friends with Miss Kate! All children engage well. 😊
• Lots of exciting Christmas art happening around the room! Getting ready for the festive season as well as making some special gifts for their parents! 😊
• Lots of spontaneous singing throughout the day with Miss Jess! All friends love variety of songs throughout the day and respond well to action songs!
What a great day had by all! A huge THANK YOU to Kate (Abel’s Mummy) for always bringing us in so much arts and crafts supplies!
Thankyou beautiful babies for today,
See you all soon 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx