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Welcome family and friends to our terrific Tuesday in the Babies room 1!
What a lovely day we have had that’s for sure 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcome our wonderful 8 friends! Millie, Oliver, Abel, Bentley, Miller, Orion, Isabella and Jesse 😊 `
What we did today 😊
Tuesday YOGAAAAA with Miss Gabbie!!!! Oliver, Jesse, Miller, Abel and Isabella all participated in yoga this morning. Isabella, Abel and Jesse practiced their downward dog pose with Miss Gabbie. While Oliver and Miller were happily watching. 😊 thank you for a lovely session of yoga fun, see you next Tuesday!
Bentley and Millie had lots of fun practicing their hand and eye coordination as they were throwing the balls to Miss Jess! It was a fun game! Our friends all enjoyed the musical instruments today! Orion and all our other beautiful friends enjoyed the musical instruments!!! All friend enjoy making lots of sounds and exploring different instruments…….we also enjoy spontaneous singing, a variety of music and dancing throughout the day too. 😊
Lastly we respect the child’s agency (choices) on a daily basis to self-select toys of interest and ensure our room has enough varied, age and stage appropriate toys and activities available every day. Thank you for a great day Babies 1! 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xx