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BABIES 1 – TUESDAY 21st JULY 2020.

Welcome to Terrific Tuesday here in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate on this quiet day today!  😊  The children began their days exploring the inside play spaces Miss Kate had created for them including the home corner area, the reading area for conversational reading to extend our language, the shelves included some new puzzles and fine motor activities for us to check out and lastly on the table we had our new stickle bricks toy!  Oliver especially loved our new stickle bricks!  😊

Peyton self-selected the musical push-along trolley toy to assist with her confidence and physical skills at pre-walking and is able to do a few solo steps now!  Well done Peyton!  😊  It is so rewarding to see our children achieving their developmental milestones by being in a supportive room to reach their full potentials.

Miss Kate instigated some one-to-one conversational reading opportunities and enriched caregiving during interactions and routines to extend the children’s language!  This is all parts of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH which is a big focus of our room and is also stated in our centre philosophy too.  😊

Charlie gave big smiles to Miss Kate spontaneously singing our favourite nursery rhymes with actions today!  This is wonderful for the children’s social and language development too!  😊

Miller especially couldn’t wait to explore outside today and Miss Kate set up some great areas for the children including the dolls tea party, assorted vehicles in the sandpit, the sensory stepping stones, slide, wagons, rocking dinosaurs and duplo on the mat!  We practice our fine and gross physical skills when we are outside!  😊

Thanks for a great day!  Miss Kate.  ♥