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Good afternoon family and friends! Welcome to our cheerful Tuesday in the Babies room 1.
This morning Miss Jess and Miss Tania welcome 5 gorgeous friends! Millie, Orion, Oliver, Abel and Miller.
This morning started with just Millie and Orion and not too long after their other friends Oliver, Miller and Abel joined them 😊
Millie and Orion had fun exploring the stickers with Miss Jess and choosing which ones they like. The triangular colourful toy was VERY popular with all friends today as some liked to spin the circles and others like Abel, Millie and Orion liked problem solving which block fits the correct shapes. On another problem-solving activity the colourful beads were too a favorited toy by Abel, Miller and Orion as they must try to fit the circles onto the wooden stick. Abel was being very helpful and showing Miller how to do it and working as a wonderful team. 😊
Throughout the day all friends self- selected toys of their interest and roamed around the room happily 😊 we had lots of spontaneous singing throughout the day as well as Christmas songs played. Miss Tania blew some bubbles and all children smiled with glee as they watched them pass on by before the POPPED.
Such a wonderful day today with all of you! 😊
Miss Jess and Miss Tania wish you all a very happy and safe Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We will see you all in the New Year and I am looking forward to it and to hear about your holidays 😊
Love Miss Jess and Miss Tania xxx