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Hello family and friends and welcome to our Tuesday in the Babies Room 1 😊
Today we had a total of 7 beautiful butterflies! Bentley, Orion, Abel, Miller, Edward, Oliver, and Isabella! All our friends have become a lot more confident in many ways! It is so great to see them blossom more and more into shinning stars and achieve their goals! 😊
To start the morning off Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave a warm welcoming cuddles to all our friends. We always embed the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH into our everyday interactions with all of the children with language being the priority for the children to become effective communicators. 😊
The home area learning environment was really popular again as usual today with the play kitchen, dolls, pot and pans! All of the children enjoy being creative and curious learners in the Babies 1 Room. 😊
The Christmas music and spontaneous singing throughout the day is enjoyed by all of the children to get in the festive spirit! Not long to our Christmas Party on the 12th – see the signs around the centre or ask your educators for more information! Santa will be making an appearance too! 😊
Miss Gabi initiated blowing the BUBBLES for our friends today which the children love watching and trying to pop and catch them. 😊
Lastly our sensory bottles continue to be a hit with all of our friends! 😊
Thanks for a fun day Babies 1 – Miss Katre and Miss Jess. XX