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Tuesday 28th April 2020 – Babies 1
Good evening to our Babies 1 families and friends form Miss Kate. 😊 We even had a visit from Max from Babies 2 today to spend his day with us and he settled so well into the room. How lovely to wake up to some beautiful refreshing rain this morning even through it did limit our outdoor play, it is nicely received after all our sunny days lately. 😊
Miss Kate initiated some one-to-one learning opportunities with Charlie first thig this morning using the SEE – SHOW – SAY technique with CONVERSATIONAL READING. We selected the ‘Bedtime’ and ‘Alphabet’ picture books to encourage our language development whilst being a fun and supportive learning environment. 😊 Our quiet day today saw Miss Kate spontaneously set up the chalks at our new easel for some free drawing today which is beneficial for our creative skills, fine motor development and imaginations. Charlie, Miller and Max loved this!  Steiner believed that children need free creative play to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. 😊 Throughout the days here in the Babies 1 Room we respect the child’s choice to roam freely and self-select activities and toys of interest as this is the child’s agency – today Charlie confidently chose the basket of assorted rattles to explore. 😊 Action songs are always a favourite time of the day here and we have been practicing many favourite ones including
• ‘Twinkle little star.’
• ‘Incy Wincy Spider.’
• ‘Old Mac Donald had a farm.’
• ‘Our acknowledgment of Country.’
I have included a photo of some of our group observations with some of these songs! Feel free to share with us some of your favourites at home too and we will incorporate them here too. 😊
We hope you are taken a couple of minutes at the end of the day to read and comment on our daily programs which are now displayed out the front on an easel. Whilst we collect your child from our room please take this opportunity to have a nosey! We really value your feedback and input, but also this is a requirement that we show evidence of this when it comes to our big ‘Assessment and Learning’ so don’t be shy Babies 1 families! 😊

REMINDER – Only a couple more families to add to our FAMILY TREE – please email of bring a photo in form home!

Many thanks in advance and for the great day too – Miss Kate. X