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BABIES 1 – TUESDAY 28th JULY 2020.

Hello and welcome to the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Danika on this wonderful day!  😊  We started our day outside first thing this morning whereby little Miller and Charlie self-selected the dolls to play with in the play cot which is great for their role play, imaginations and social skills.  😊  We then headed inside to welcome the rest of our friends for the day including Jackson who came to us from the Babies 2 class today!  Morning tea was served and we are all doing such a wonderful job at self-help skills at feeding times – well done everyone!  😊

We have begun a couple of new displays in the room to show our learning; one being all about self-help skills which falls under the physical developmental milestones as stated in the EYLF and NQS.  😊  We are also working on the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ group learning art display which Peyton participated in today, so watch this apace as we love being creative here in the Babies 1 Room. 😊

Our day also included many one-to-one conversational moments to extend our language development whilst being in a supportive environment and encouraged to reach our full potentials.  Oliver loves books and is really growing in confidence more than ever lately!  😊

Spontaneous singing our favourite action songs and our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ is a part of our morning routines here which we all respond well too!  😊

Thanks for another great day – Miss Kate and Miss Danika. XX