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We have had a fun and busy day today in our babies room. We spent the morning exploring the musical instruments. Oskar, Dorijan and Chester had fun exploring them all and listening to the different sounds that the different instruments make. Bentley and Presley were happy watching them play with the instruments. Bentley liked to hold on to the shaker and was looking at it. Franka was so talkative with us today and has settled so well in her classroom and with her teachers!

Miss T’arn and Presley enjoyed reading some books together as we noticed this is a big interest of Presley’s and helps her to feel settled. We ready “Reach for the Moon” and “Squeak a Boo” which has a mirror that she loved to look at herself in with a huge smile.

Oskar, Presley and Chester enjoyed a nice play outside and watching the horses and the Toddler children who came to the fence to talk to them. They loved watching the rain, especially when it got super heavy.

We ended with a beautiful afternoon tea singing Happy Birthday to Oskar and enjoying some yummy cupcakes his family brought in to share!! Franka was saying saying “Yummmmmmyummmm” while eating them. Toddlers 1 also did some beautiful sing of “Happy Birthday” to Oskar too today!!

Thank you all for an amazing day!

♥Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥