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Welcome to the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly celebrating NATIONAL ABORIGINAL and TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER DAY with all our little friends today!  😊  We listened to the music of Geoffrey Gurrumul of traditional Aboriginal Music which all of the children responded well to whilst we decorated our individual boomerangs in red, yellow and black colours!  😊  The children learn to be respectful of our traditional owners of this land and practice their creativity with the dot paintings today which Oliver and Jackson loved contributing too.  We have made a group didgeridoo and added to our new ATSI DISPLAY in our room.  😊

The children learn to be confident, curious and involved learners by being in play-based environment as they choose which toys they would like to explore!  This morning Luna, Spencer and Oliver checked out the wooden connecting toys to extend their concentration spans and cognitive, learning development.  😊

Charlie responds to the spontaneous singing throughout the day where we sing a lot of our favourite action songs which the children are getting so familiar with these now!  😊

Enriched caregiving and conversational reading form the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH is a huge part of our days which is embedded into our routines and interactions to promote language development.  😊

Thanks for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥