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Happy Tuesday to all and welcome to our day in the Babies room 1 😊
We love Tuesdays as we have YOGGAAA with Miss Gabie! Quinn, Luca, Orion and Alanis enjoyed yoga this morning and they were all really intrigued especially when Miss Gabie was blowing big bubbles!! Luca, Quinn, Alanis and Bentley loved the singing bowl. Quinn and Luca especially had an interest in it. Our friends also practiced the cat and dog poses as well as other animals.
After yoga Orion and Quinn headed over to home corner with Miss Jess and both Quinn, Luca and Orion were having so much fun playing with the pots and pans, making some tasty treats. Alanis enjoyed the book nook area today while Bentley had it in for the textured balls, he is doing so well at holding himself up more confidently and its amazing. Alanis explored paints to make her artwork for reconciliation week, she wasn’t too keen at the start but enjoyed it by the end.
Throughout the day Miss Jess and Miss Kate sang nursery rhymes as well as action songs. Our friends were really engaged in the action songs. Miss Kate also played peek-a-boo along with Quinn and Luca behind the baby gym in the room.
We have had lots of fun today
Thank you Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all very soon
Love from Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx