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Tuesday 7th April 2020

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Babies 1 Room on this beautiful, sunshiny day! 😊 Miss Kate and Miss Dom initiated inside/outside free flow play for our little ones today which they all responded well too. 😊 Bella, Miller, Rosie and Charlie chose the sandpit to explore with big trucks, dolls in prams and push along toys to keep them entertained. 😊 Charlie and Alfie participated in individual Easter craft pictures today using the Easter themed stickers to make a collage picture to add to their art books. 😊 Peyton and Rosie self-selected the different sized and textured balls to explore alongside Miss Kate today! 😊 Bella, Miller, Rosie and Charlie contributed to our RAINBOW TRAIL picture for our front door today which is coming along nicely using our coloured chalks. 😊
With the Easter Bunny just around corner we have finalised our Easter crafts to go home which we hope you enjoy. A big thank you to families that have kindly bought us some yummy chocolates for this coming weekend. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Dom. XxXo