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Hello and welcome family and friends to our wonderful Wednesday here in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning our friends started the morning off with warm welcoming hugs from Miss Jess and our amazing helper for the day Miss Jordan. Not long after all our friends arrived so did Miss Kate and she too received nice warm welcoming hugs from our friends Orion, Bentley, Millie, Quinn, Alanis, Kezia, Willow and Edward.
Quinn, Alanis, and Millie enjoyed playing in the café area together banging and clanging the pots and pan, cooking many scrumptious things to enjoy. Willow enjoyed playing with the big fish while our other friends had lots of fun exploring throughout the room and playing spontaneously. Kezia had lots of fun banging away with the bongo drum with her friend Quinn! They both loved the bongo drums!
Miss Jess thought it would be lovely idea to have an hour outside for morning play to make the most of the beautiful weather as you can never be too sure what mother nature will provide later in the day. Quinn, Alanis, Willow and Kezia enjoyed climbing on the frames as well as walking over the bridge. Orion, Bentley and Millie enjoyed the car mat with many exciting things on it such as books, musical instruments and cars. Edward was having a very nice and relaxing time enjoying the nice breeze in his bouncer outside 😊
For the afternoon our friends had so much fun playing with our friends throughout the room and forming greater relationships with each other as well as their teachers.
Thank you Babies 1 for the lovely day and thank you Miss Jordan for your awesome help 😊
See you all soon,
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx