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Happy Hump Day Babies 1 families and friends here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre! 😊
We enjoyed the 7 little treasures today including – Millie, Willow, Edward, Bentley, Orion, Isabella and Oliver alongside Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊
Firstly, a big THANK YOU to Bentley for bringing in a couple of toys from his home to share with his friends, which Willow thought was pretty cool especially the steering wheel that made noises! 😊
Edward took a liking to our new big soft lion in the room giving it lots of cuddles! We are all responding well to the variety of Christmas music being played throughout the day getting ready for Santa’s visit soon. We hope to see you at our Christmas Party tomorrow afternoon which is going to be so much fun with a live show too! 😊
The sensory bottles have been very popular again this morning especially with Oliver, Bella, Orion and Millie being very confident, curious and involved learners. 😊
The 3a ABECEDARIAN APPROACH is a set of language priority strategies which is evidence proven to increase your child’s vocabulary, which we have seen firsthand its benefits already with our beautiful babies. Well done Babies 1 friends! 😊 Vygotsky stated the importance of language and communication in a child’s development and it also ties into learning outcome 5; CHILDREN ARE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday everyone. Miss Kate and Miss Jess. XOXO