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Welcome to wet Wednesday in the Babies 1 Room alongside just the four little friends today including – Bella, Oliver, Bentley and Edward. Miss Kate, Miss Amanda, Miss Tania and our student, Miss Jordan were all familiar faces for the children to share their time with. 😊 This morning Bella participated in some free drawing on love heart for Valentine’s Day alongside Miss Jordan’s guidance to practice her creativity skills. 😊 Bella and Bentley both thought it was funny playing peek-a-boo behind the shelves in our room this morning. Oliver, Edward, Bella and Bentley all responded well to action songs. We are continuing to practice our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ in the mornings as we show respect and feel a sense of connectedness to our world. 😊 Bentley has been practising his spoon feeding at mealtimes as part of one of his goals. Lastly but by no means leastly we celebrated Oliver’s birthday party with a little try of a cupcake that his Mummy bought in to share this morning and we all loved singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😊
Make sure you check your bags for your Valentine’s Day craft work. 😊
Also, remember a photo to add to our FAMILY TREE wall please to give to Miss Kate or Miss Amanda. Many thanks for another great day!
Miss Kate, Miss Amanda, Miss Tania and Miss Jordan XOXOX