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Welcome to the Babies 1 Room on this beautiful sunny day! 😊 This morning Miss Kate took Parker outside for some fresh air and a fun explore of some of the toys set out for us to investigate. Parker took a liking to the rattles on the mat outside practicing her fine motor skills and cause and effect of making noise when shaking the rattles. 😊 Parker gave big, beautiful smiles to Miss Kate as she blew some bubbles for her to see – she is settling so nicely into our room. Miss Kate initiated playdough for Parker to explore today, which she thought was fun and touched it with curiosity and confidence. 😊 The many benefits of playdough include – sensory skills, strengthens small hands, wrists and fingers ready for pre-writing development, imaginative play, self-esteem and offers a sense of calmness too by relieving stress in their hands. 😊 Thank you to Bentley’s Mum for bringing in some new hand puppets to share with all your friends. Also, thank you to Nads for buying us some new Easter picture books which the children respond well to these especially at one-to-one moments of conversational reading to extend our learning and language development. 😊 Please remember you are welcome to add to our BABIES 1 WORD WALL when you hear your child say a recognisable word – this is a collaborative effort from us here and our families, which we value and welcome your feedback. 😊
Many thanks for a wonderful Wednesday Babies 1 – Miss Kate. X