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BABIES 1 – Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Good day one and all from the Babies 1 Room on this beautiful day!  Miss Lilly greeted our friends this morning as Miss Kate had a later start today and we all tucked into some yummy morning tea to set us up for a fun day of learning ahead here with all of our friends!  😊

Oliver was intrigued to explore the red playdough at the table this morning as a follow up to his creative learning whilst developing sensory skills, confidence and curiosity. 😊

Olive and Daris were super cute smiling as they shared some tummy time next to each other exploring the balls and rattles!  Lots of smiles had by both of these cherubs as they learnt cause and effect making sounds with the rattles form the basket!  😊

Spontaneous singing throughout the day is always great to see the children developing a love of learning and increasing their language by being in a supportive and interactive environment with their regular educators!  😊

Miss Lilly took our friends – Charlie, Edward and Oliver outside for a play on this beautiful winters day and they were keen to check out their physical play spaces including the sandpit, large soft climbing blocks, obstacle course and duplo bricks!  We also love socializing with our friends from the Babies 3 Room as our yards join.  😊

Thanks for a great day – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥