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Wednesday 20th May 2020 – Babies 1.

Welcome to wet Wednesday in the Babies 1 Room and it is refreshing to see the rain outside which we all loved watching through the window today! Parker followed up with her observation at confidently pulling herself to stand in preparation for her physical pre-walking skills. It is wonderful to observe the children become confident and involved learners as they feel a sense of belonging in the room. Please ask Miss Kate to view your child’s learning in their individual portfolios anytime as you will see we document meaningful moments to share with you how they are progressing along with their developmental milestones and meeting the outcomes of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK.

Olive, Peyton and Parker looked happily at books this morning with Miss Kate providing some one-to-one conversational reading opportunities which they are never to young to participate in. Never underestimate the power of looking at books with your children as it is the foundation to the love of learning and the beginning of their language and literacy development.

Edward selects the balls from the baskets pretty much everyday practicing his physical gross motor skills by throwing and kicking the balls.

Our ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY’ is a learning part of our regular morning routines so the children learn respect, how to be connected to their world, language and fine motors skills practicing actions.

We would like to thank Parker’s family for completing and returning their homework already on NATIONAL FAMILIES WEEK as we will provide extensions of learning about her pony, Lani and dog, Jim!!

Thanks for a fantastic day Babies 1 – Miss Kate ♥