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Welcome to happy hump day in the Babies 1 Room with 6 little friends today, alongside Miss Kate and Miss Jess! 😊 We all had such a wonderful day today and our fun included the following –
• 3a ABECEDARAIN APPROACH embedded into our everyday interactions with the children with a focus on ‘Language Priority’ using ‘Conversational Reading’ and ‘Enriched Caregiving’ throughout the days which all children are responding rally well too. 😊
• Our sensory bottles have really been a hit with the children rolling them along the floor and watching the textures move! Millie, Orion and Oliver were particularly taken by these this morning. 😊
• Edward spent a good time exploring the activity cube toy this morning with lots of concentration and confidence! 😊
• The home area, baby bed and dolls were very well used today especially with Willow, Bentley and Millie. We all use PLAY to explore throughout the day by being in a supportive environment to be confident and involved learners. 😊
Montessori believed that PLAY is the children’s work and their work is their PLAY! I firmly believe with this theory. 😊
Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the CHRISTMAS RAFFLE HAMPER! It is looking amazing Babies 1! 😊
See you all soon, Miss Kate and Miss Jess. XX