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Happy Wednesday families and welcome to the spectacular day in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed their 6 friends today who were Alexia, Kezia, Willow, Orion, Edward and Millie.
We welcomed back Edward after his time away in England! We received lots of warm happy smiles from Edward throughout the day 😊 Willow came dressed as Thing 1 today for Book Week and she rocked it for sure! 😊 Lots of conversational reading with all our friends today.
Millie, Willow and Kezia explored the sensory bags, feeling different textures of each bag. Orion, Alexia and Millie had a great time playing in the café area with the dolls, food and pots and pans 😊 Edward loved the bubbles, watching them float on by before they POP 😊
Our friends Kezia, Millie and Willow enjoyed craft time, painting recycled things such as egg carton, yogurt containers and plates as this week is about keeping Australia beautiful😊
We have all had a wonderful day and thank you Babies 1 😊