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April 22, 2020

Hello and a big warm welcome to Wednesday in the Babies 1 room with Miss Dominique and your beautiful children.

Today the children really enjoyed group time together singing and reading books, afterwards as the children went about playing I noticed they were making much more noise than usual, humming as they were adventuring around the room.

At meal times, the interactions between the children are such an expression of the friendships that are being built, as they are eating their food they are smiling at one another and reaching out to eachothers hands.  They are building such beautiful bonds together.

Parker really took to the musical instruments, especially the green small egg shaker, as she crawled along she pushed the shaker listening to the sounds, Parker also stopped and sat up and held the shaker in her hand working out how to make the sounds work.

Eddie had such a fun time building the train tracks and pushing the trains along, just as much as Charlie enjoyed packing the train tracks away so I let them work out a solution.  Eddie stayed in space building the train tracks and Charlie happily packed away her section, they worked together so peacefully.

Children have a strong sense of identity which is Learning Outcome 1 of The Early Learning Years Framework which states;

  • Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.

Thank you so much for sharing your childrens day, such a beautiful time together, Miss Dominique.