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Happy Wednesday to everyone from our happy little vegemite’s that we were today.
Welcome to a day in the Babies room 1 😊

This morning Orion and Quinn started the morning off playing with the colorful textured balls before Miss Jess read us the Bedtime Story Book, Quinn and Orion were both intrigued by this book and were both happily sitting and listening.
As more of our friends arrived, we welcomed Alanis, Bentley and Millie to our room of joy.

Millie headed straight for the home corner where we have our baby’s café kitchen, she loves to explore with the foods as well as pots and pans. Millie has gained a lot more confidence and coming out of her shell as we hear her very voicetress voice throughout the day making conversations!

Bentley loved playing with the rattles today from when we used them during the book called Alpacas with Maracas, he also loved exploring through the different balls as well playing with our new soft toy alpaca! (I think it’s his new favorite)

Alanis is nonstop walking and it’s amazing!!!! She loved the reading nook area today as she happily sat down to read a book joined by Quinn as she also loved the book nook area today. Alanis loves the zebra walking trollies she has worked out she can whizz around the room in no time with it (too cute)

We did two group time activities the first one was cloud-doe. Miss Jess thought it would be something fun and interesting that our friends would enjoy touching the cloud-doe and feeling the soft smooth texture it has. Quinn thought it was that good she had to try it!! Grateful that it is eatable as she loved it that much!! Haha. Orion was a little stand offish at the start when he first saw it but then went all hands in and loved it!! Millie, Bentley and Alanis loved the soft textured feel it had as they enjoyed having their fingers in it squishing it in their hands.

We also had a story book read to us by Miss Lyn, Alpacas with Maracas was not only was it being read here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre it was read across the nation at 11am. All our friends were eating while Miss Lyn read it and we loved it!!!

We had an awesome day! we hope you did too.
Thank you Babies 1 x
Love Miss Jess and Miss Lyn xx