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Good evening to our Babies 1 families and friends from Miss Kate and Miss Jess on this wonderful Wednesday! 😊 We had 6 little friends today including – Oliver, Edward, Alexia, Willow, Millie and Orion! 😊 Todays fun included the following –
• Our new circus tent was enjoyed by Alexia in particular this morning playing peek-a-boo and looking at books too.
• Orion and Willow spent lots of time in the home area with our play kitchen and dolls too!
• Edward, Oliver and Millie responded really well to spontaneous singing throughout the day, as a wide variety of music to keep us entertained too.
• All of our children reach and work towards outcome 5 of the early years learning framework which is ‘Children are effective communicators’ which the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH really aligns with this perfectly as language is the priority! We have still many speech bubbles to fill on our WORD WALL, so don’t be shy and add to this what recognisable words your little one can say! 😊
• Who has taken the opportunity to admire our ‘The Rights of the Child’ display in conjunction with ‘Children’s Week’? Each child in the Babies 1 room feature in a photo, so make sure you check this out! 😊
Lastly a friendly reminder of two important dates for your diary next week which is fast approaching! Grandparents day for afternoon tea on the Monday and our spooky Halloween Party which is the Thursday evening! Please refer to the posters around the centre or ask your child’s educator for more details! We hope to see you all there! 😊
Thanks, Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊 😊