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Welcome to Wacky Wednesday in the Babies 1 room with Miss Kate and Miss Steph stepping in for Miss Jess today as she had the day off! 😊 It was such a beautiful day outside so we made the most of it with some lovely fresh air, exploring outside with all of our friends including – Quinn, Alanis, Bentley, Orion, Willow and Edward. 😊 Outside activities included the obstacle course, soft toys and the little cars, which we all loved checking out. Alanis and Quinn explored the balls inside today, feeling the different textures and Alanis practiced her kicking skills which is very impressive. Edward gave us big smiles in the bouncy chair exploring the soft toys. Miss Kate read to us before lunch time, looking at some of our new picture books encouraging our language development. This links under outcome 5 of the Early Years Learning Framework – Children are effective communicators and they learn to interact verbally and non-verbally for a range of purposes. 😊

We apologise for no photos uploading as the program kept erroring today!  Please ask us if you would like to see photos of todays fun as we will be more than happy to show you!

Thank you for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Steph. 😊 😊