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Wednesday 24th June 2020 – Babies 1.

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday in the Babies 1 with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  This morning most of the children began their days combined in mixed grouping with either the Babies 2 or Babies 3 rooms.  This is great opportunity for us to extend our social and emotional development and become familiar with different educators and form new friendships. 😊

Parker explored the playdough as a follow up extension of learning which is great practice for her creative skills and fine motor as she feels the texture for fun, sensory play!  😊

We ensure we never miss a learning opportunity here in the Babies 1 Room, and this morning Daris and Olive showed an interest at looking at books so Miss Kate did some conversational reading to encourage their language development.  😊

Miller, Charlie, Olivia and Edward self-selected some toys that took their attention form the shelves this morning including the sensory bottles Miss Kate made for us, and the basket of assorted rattles was wonderful to make lots of noise!  😊

All of our children respond positively to lots of spontaneous singing happening throughout the day practicing our verbal and non-verbal language. 😊

Thanks for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly.  😊  😊