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Welcome to wonderful Wednesday here in the Babies 1 Room with all our friends alongside Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  😊

This morning we started off our happy day chilling out looking at some new books with Miss Lilly to extend our learning and language whilst being in a supportive environment!  😊

The baskets of rattles were also eagerly explored as we learn cause and effect skills by shaking them and making lots of noise! 😊

Our daily routine of the ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ and spontaneous singing throughout the day is always responded too positively from all of our friends as they thrive in a positive and responsive environment to reach their full potentials.  😊

Miss Hope took some of our friends outside for a play where the sandpit and obstacle course is always a highlight to maximize our physical gross motor skills.  😊

Finally the children respond well to the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH which is an embedded practice here in the Babies 1 Room for all children to practice their language development with the assistance from their regular educators!  😊

Thanks for another great day – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥