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Welcome to wet and windy Wednesday! This morning we had a small little group of just the three friends – Quinn, Bentley and Willow all were welcomed with open arms from Miss Jess. Soon after Miss Kate arrived, and we got stuck into fruit salad and fruit puree for morning tea. Quinn took a liking to the drum this morning with Miss Kate practicing her hand-eye coordination skills. While Bentley and Willow were playing peek a boo behind the baby gym. Willow showed off her great standing skills to Miss Kate and Miss Jess and we were very impressed! Quinn too thought she would show us how well she can stand too and balance!! Bentley and his tummy time practicing is going well!
Bentley and Willow dot painted their boomerangs for our Naidoc week display on the wall. They both seemed to enjoy it. Throughout the day we also had spontaneous singing and our friends all responded well 😊
We have had a rather wonderful day here in the Babies room 1,
Thank You Babies,
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx