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Hello and happy Wednesday in the Babies room 1, welcome families to our day 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed in 10 Babies!! Millie, Orion, Bentley, Willow, Kezia, Alexia, Edward, Quinn, Alanis and our new little munchkin Miller! Quinn and Alanis went up to Miss Shelby’s and Miss Thais room for the day 😊
Miller settled well today, lots of smiles were given, she attempted to do some painting for Father’s Day craft! Miller had a wonderful day and getting to know her teachers as well as friends in her class.
Kezia, Bentley, Millie and Alexia were exploring the stacking rings today, they practiced their problem solving as well as hand and eye coordination. Willow, Orion and Alexia, Willow and Kezia spent lots of time in the café area, they enjoyed the pots and pans as well as the spatulas and playing with the dolls using their never-ending amazing imagination. Edward was happily playing underneath the baby gym this morning and giving many smiles.
Lots of spontaneous singing nursery rhymes throughout the day- all babies responded well to this 😊
What a lovely day it was today and thank you Babies 1 😊 One small friendly reminder our Father’s Day event is tomorrow night from 5-6, hope that you can make it and let us know if you will be attending 😊
See you all very soon,

Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx