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Happy Hump Day, we hope you all had a wonderful day and we can’t wait to let you know how our day was and what we did 😊
This morning Miss Jess was welcomed by Quinn, Orion, Bentley and Millie, we all had a big warm cuddle with Miss Jess and not long after Miss Kate arrived.
Quinn set off to the baby’s room café, playing with the pots and pans as well as showing her wonderful strength of standing up against it cooking away on the stove top.
Orion was straight to the books and was interested in the colour book so Miss Jess Sat next to him reading the book as well as pointing to the colours.
Bentley explored the paints with Miss Gabby this morning to add to our art wall for Reconciliation week.
Millie was happily crawling around exploring through the toys to find what she was wanting to play with. She soon found the toy cars and was intrigued by them as Miss Emma was showing her the zoom around.
We had a fun day of exploring through our toys, playing games, singing nursery rhymes and even had an outside play before it got too cold.
Thank you babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all very soon x
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx