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Welcome to Wacky Wednesday in the Babies 1 Room! We enjoyed having our 7 little friends today including – Alexia, Willow, Edward, Jesse, Orion, Bentley and Millie! 😊 This morning we got busy with some orange painting on Pumpkins for our spooky Halloween display which Bentley and Alexia participated in to promote their creativity and confidence. We are really looking forward to our Halloween Party tomorrow night and Miss Kate and Miss Jess are all organised to come dressed up and we hope to see you there! 😊 This morning some spontaneous conversational reading was had by Miss Kate which Willow, Orion and Orion have a great love of books! We focus on language being the priority and positively encourage learning everyday here in the Babies 1 Room. 😊 Edward and Jesse smiled as we played a variety of music and practised our singing skills using actions to songs like, ‘Twinkle little star’ for an example! 😊 Millie and Willow engaged in parallel play as they explored the basket of rattles together with the rain sticks being a favourite!
You are always welcome to view your child’s learning portfolio or art book to see your child’s progress so please ask Miss Kate or Miss Jess anytime! We set goals for your child and aim to assist them on reaching their developmental milestones which link also to the learning outcomes of our framework, ‘Early Years Learning Framework’! 😊

Thank you Babies 1 for a very happy hump day!

Miss Kate and Miss Jess xx