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Today we welcomed four wonderful babies into the room today we Bentley, Edward, Isabella and Oliver. We began our morning with doing our acknowledgement of country during morning tea. Then after morning tea we enjoyed some outside play in the sandpit while some of our friends had their sleep. 😊

Bentley loved being outside this morning immersing himself into the sandpit immediately and using the spade to pour sand all over himself to which he kept saying “more” too. He loved the wheelbarrows outside and likes to put handfuls of sand in them in wheel them around. 😊

Edward was very lucky this morning and got to spend some time in Miss Nikki’s outdoor area while we were combined this morning and boy did he enjoy himself exploring all the new toys and balls he found. 😊

Isabella loved her morning outside with Bentley this morning, she loved being in the sandpit and filling her dress up with handfuls of sand. 😊

Oliver responded well to a one-to-one learning game this morning with Miss Kate. It was called, ‘Find a picture’ and he sat contently looking for the picture I the book that Miss Kate hid from him. 😊

All families please see our displays around the room with regards to the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH and ask Miss Kate for some tips too how you can easily incorporate this language enriched program at home to develop your child’s vocabulary skills. Please RSVP in our room if you will be attending next Monday’s information session on this too. See sign in room or ask one of us! 😊

Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XOXO