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Hello and welcome families to our funtastic wacky Wednesday 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed in our 5 delightful friends, Orion, Bentley, Kezia, Willow and Alexia.
This morning Miss Jess decided to go for a morning quick play outside with her 4 friends, Orion, Alexia, Kezia and Willow. Alexia was having a ball in the ball pit! While Orion was making music with the musical instruments, Kezia pushing along the wheelbarrow and Willow having fun exploring throughout the yard as well as having a go at pushing the wheelbarrow too.
When Bentley arrived, we all came inside for a cool down, said our warm hello to Bentley and soon after we all got ready for our scrumptious morning tea!
After morning tea our friends began to explore the room and the wonderful fun toys!
Alexia and Orion practiced their pre walking skills using the push along trolleys!! Bentley was having the time of his life playing with the pot and spatulas from the café area banging and cling clanging them together. Willow, Kezia and Alexia had fun making lots of delicious food in the café area with Miss Jess and Orion enjoyed the books 😊
Throughout the day our friends had lots of fun with Miss Kate and Miss Jess reading books, bubble play, spontaneous singing throughout the day encouraging their language/ vocabulary development.

A small friendly reminder can we pretty please have family photos for our family tree in our room for those who haven’t done so and if you had any recycled products for us to reuse for our recycled art feel free to bring some in 🙂

What a lovely day had by all, thankyou Babies 1 😊
See you all soon,
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx