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Hello Babies 1 friends and families on this wonderful Wednesday alongside Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. This morning we welcomed a small group of just the 5 little friends including Oliver, Orion, Bentley, Edward and Millie. 😊
All of the children have been responding so well to our CHINESE NEW YEAR celebrations in the room and today we participated in dress-ups again in Miss Lisa’s traditional costumes from her home. We hope you enjoy the photos! 😊 This morning Edward showed off his clever crawling on all fours skills as he gains in strength and coordination whilst being in a supportive environment. The BUBBLES are always an ever-popular fun time in our room, which the children get very excited to see especially Oliver. Miss Amanda and Miss Gabi took the children all outside for a play whereby the sand, ride on dinosaurs and push along cars were really popular.  😊 Lastly, we have introduced a FLOOR BOOK to our children this morning for us to allow them to express their creativity through art and crafts. We focused on VALENTINE’S DAY pink painting with handprints and loved getting messy! 😊 This learning experience can be linked to Steiner’s theories as he believed children need free, creative play to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. 😊
Thanks for a fantastic day – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XOXO