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Happy Hump Day on this wonderful Wednesday in the Babies 1 Room! 😊 Miss Kate and Miss Jess were excited to welcome to 7 little friends today including – Alexia, Orion, Millie, Oliver, Edward, Willow and Bentley. 😊 This morning the children were exposed to some ‘Enriched Caregiving’ moments during routines with language being the priority with Miss Kate; Orion, Millie, Bentley and Willow responded well to this today. Children are effective communicators is learning outcome 5 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK which we assist the children to reach these outcomes by being in a supportive environment on a daily basis. 😊 Bentley, Alexia and Willow spent some time in the home area this morning with the pots, pans, play kitchen and dolls. Maria Montessori stated that the PLAY is the children’s WORK which I firmly believe. 😊 Edward and Oliver explored the rattles and baby gym toys practising their grasps and hand-eye coordination with the hanging teddies. 😊 Lastly we are all loving spontaneous action songs throughout the days spent with us and ‘Twinkle, little star’ being a real favourite at the moment. 😊
Thank you for a lovely day Babies 1 cherubs – Miss Kate and Miss Jess xx