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Welcome to wacky and happy Wednesday here in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  😊  This morning the children responded well to an open free flow program offering inside/outside for the children to explore where they want!  😊

Inside our friends gave big smiles checking out our new wooden castle set blocks that Miss Kate bought us!  Our learners developed dispositions for learning such as confidence and curiosity as they manipulate the different shaped and sized blocks!  😊  We also explored the musical tabletop toy, learning cause and effect of pressing the different buttons!  The home corner of the room is always a thriving area to extend our imaginations and learn role play skills to extend our socialisation.  😊  Book, books and more books is wonderful way to increase the love of learning and our language development which we use the simple conversational reading technique!  Please ask Miss Kate if you would like some pointers on how you easily incorporate this at home!  😊  Spontaneous singing throughout the day adds to us all feeling connected and building a strong sense of identity so we feel safe, secure and protected.  😊

Outside our friends chose to explore the sandpit by feeling the textures between their fingers and toes is a great sensory experience.  We also checked out the rattles, big soft blocks, wagons and our tent that Mr Nick kindly fixed for us!  😊

Just to let you know I am taking leave for the rest of week but Miss Lilly will be here with another familiar educator to be there for your little cherubs!  😊

Thanks for a great day, as always – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥