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Jingeri families,

A much needed rain shower was the perfect start to the last day of the week, washing away the dust of what turned out to be a fantastic community Halloween party.

Today we enjoyed the company of our three Friday regulars, Finley, Jackson and Lara. It was a wonderful display of the fundamental desire of all human beings to communicate with each other. As they become more familiar with each other they are beginning to explore different forms of communication. They are now comfortable to be in each other’s intimate space where they are engaging in extended eye contact with gestures and babble to include their friends in the play. The first foundations of taking turns are under way too, as they make clear to each other what they want or don’t want. Such an excellent opportunity for these three to connect on a very personal level.

Communication is fundamental to all learning and social integration, so I will be placing appropriate emphasis on body language, gestures, sounds, reactions, expressions, and speech. The aim of this is to encourage individuals to develop an understanding about their body, who are able to clearly express themselves to others.

Hope the weekend is wonderful to you all.