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Good Afternoon everyone! The children enjoyed spending the morning outdoors today. Noah, Finley, and Jackson had so much fun on the wooden boat seesaw. They were rocking up and down giggling at each other, Finley yelled “weeeee” and Noah repeated it “weeeeeee.” Spencer went over to see what they were doing, she started to rock the boat for them.  Liz climbed into the push trolley, she was happy sitting in there, Miss Lilly began to push her around. Cameron likes to push the trolleys around the yard. He is getting so fast on his feet.

The children found their favourite activities, Finley was playing with the big box in our room, the bottom of the box came out, so he was walking around in the box and holding it up. He thought it was so funny. He was laughing and showing everybody. Jackson and Spencer had fun pushing the cars and buses around the classroom.

Before we went in for lunch Miss Lilly did a story time with the children. Everyone was so engaged in the story. Noah sat with the other children but chose to read his own story. Our children love to read stories and always take a quiet time during the day to sit with a book.

We really enjoyed being outdoors, especially as it is a little warmer today. Our babies 2 children do an amazing job at communicating their interests with us. We love being able to meet all their needs and always ensuring we have age appropriate activities.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! See you all next week!!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Lilly xx