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Jingeri families,

We are enjoying a serene morning with just Finley and I having some one-on-one bonding time. This has also given us the ideal opportunity to do a small spring clean to get ready for summer.

Our letter of the week is S which opens the door up to a wonderful variety of ideas. We began the day with our foam blocks which immediately encouraged the actions of ‘stacking’ and ‘sliding’. Finely did not waste any time using the resources to sort and select and move around the room. He is very perceptive, and responds enthusiastically to new and interesting toys to explore. We are also working on our communication, and I am confident that our relationship is developing perfectly.

Educators are including ideas to support National Recycling Week this week, which I will be incorporating as as Sustainability to suit our ‘s’ week, so we will be doing some activities using re-purposed materials to role model sustainable practices.

Look forward to the week.