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Jingeri families,

Another fascinating morning with our friends Finley, Jackson and Indi today as we got to watch the transformation of our front yard continue. It is getting us all very excited to see what wonderland eventuates.

We watched the big truck bringing our new fresh sandpit sand yesterday, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring this indoors to include in our S week themes. So we went a bit silly with Sand Stew in a Silver bowl which we Scooped with Silver Spoons to celebrate all things S. It also allows the children to touch and feel what they are watching happen outside, establishing their sense of connection to their environment. This will reinforce their feeling of belonging.

The two boys were delighted to get their hands stuck in the beach sand, while Indi was not as sure about the sensory experience. She was far more interested in the push-cow. Indi gave us a little demonstration of her amazing balancing, but she hasn’t shown us any steps yet. I’m sure she will show us soon. The three friends are also including each other freely in their play, building on their new relationships together.

I look forward to tomorrow.