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Good Afternoon!! This morning we had a nice picnic morning tea outside. The children then enjoyed playing outside riding bikes, hiding in the tent, pushing the mowers, reading books, and throwing the balls. It was a little cool outside this morning, so we came inside to play.


Miss T’arn set up some painting using paint brushes, all the children were so excited. We used, Pink, Yellow and Blue. They all enjoyed this activity. Everyone found their favourite activities inside and played so beautifully together. Cars, Balls, puzzles, animals and music.

Group Times

Miss T’arn did a group time with the children, singing songs and blowing bubbles. Thomas asked Miss T’arn to sing “Row Row your boat” by rocking back and forth. Everyone loved singing songs. Noah, Max, Thomas, and Finley all did the actions to the songs with Miss T’arn. Tairongo went and got the bubbles and gave them to Miss T’arn to blow to everyone

What I enjoyed today

All the children enjoyed their day today. They had the most fun exploring their environment and creating their own play.